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Managed Services

Technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Without proper coordination, the massive chain of events that must run smoothly to deliver value to the customer can run into problems. This is where our Managed Services team can help. We ensure your business runs smoothly by supporting customer applications.

If you are a company with multiple applications, multiple lines of business and different lifecycles, managing it all can become overwhelming. Leave the tedious work to us, so your development teams can focus on what they do best: building digital products for your users. Let us deliver value for you by ensuring your teams remain coordinated. That way they will spend less time deconflicting issues and more time growing your business capabilities.

Factory Management
We offer long-term impact by laying down the digital infrastructure and rules for your teams to do their best work. By synchronizing your business goals with best practices, we get you to market faster and ensure your business will remain flexible and scalable in the future. So you can sit back and expect smooth seas ahead.

Monitoring and Observability
You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With your service expectations front and center, we use machine learning and a proactive approach to highlight trends before they become a problem. You won’t just minimize the impact on your business, but will also have the data to improve your applications and infrastructure.

Change Enablement 
In software development, the only constant is change. But reviewing and implementing every proposal can be a tedious process. We keep it agile by establishing a hub-and-spoke workflow based on internal policies and industry best practices. The result is that changes are processed at the right level, more quickly, and while keeping all relevant parties informed.

Release Management
With the move towards CI/CD, the rate of software delivery continues to accelerate, and risk increases with it. We use agile methodologies to plan, schedule and control software builds. This increases visibility across all environments and enables faster releases while keeping risks and impacts under control.

Incident Management
Application interruptions are kryptonite for customer satisfaction. Whenever there’s an impact to service availability, performance, or security, you want it to be restored as quickly as possible. Product League offers dedicated incident teams that whisk away your worry and allow you to focus on innovating your business. So hit the snooze button and let us put out the fires while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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