The way we consume content is not one-size-fits all. So why does your software treat it that way? Contentful lets you display a single piece of data in a targeted format on any imaginable digital touchpoint. And with broad integration options, it fits perfectly into your strategy.

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Customers want intuitive, personalized experiences, and they want them now. With load times up to 5x faster, your customers won’t be browsing the competition while your media loads. It’s no wonder that it can lead to a 60% increase in eCommerce conversion. Truly an investment that pays off. 

Whether we’re talking display format, digital kiosks or signage, with contentful you can update everything at the same time with one entry in the backend. Synchronization across platforms is automated so you can iterate and get to market faster. A true win for innovation. 

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MACH Effect
Contentful leverages the MACH architecture for flexibility and cost-effectiveness. As an independently developed and managed microservice with intuitive APIs, it’s ready to go out of the box, so you can get to market more quickly. What’s more, being cloud-native and headless, it adapts to your business, whether that’s customers flooding your site or upgrading your front-end in the future. Accelerate your reach today and convert more for your business with Contentful.

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One touch. Endless possibilities.
As a Contentful partner, Product League developers skillfully create a reusable structure for your media. This enables you to share it across all your digital platforms but manage it from a central interface. The result is immersive, engaging content adapted to each device and user. If you need to create new content or edit the way it is displayed, you just need to touch it once from the intuitive web app, and voilà. It doesn’t get more effortless than that.

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