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Supermarket chains Deka Markt and Dirk van der Broek needed to significantly reduce the administrative paper load on the shop floor. To support their distribution centers, supermarkets and main office we digitized their processes by creating an application ecosystem.

Fast return process with digitized workflow
Easy to follow steps preventing user errors
Accurate validating return data from additional app
Flexible workflow supporting both large and small stores

Administrative Load
The objective of the project was to have paperless, quick, easy-to-learn and intuitive digital processes. Starting the project, research was initiated to understand user behavior and business processes. Through business analysis and user experience design we were able to craft a new process and flow. Using the power of Outsystems, integrating seamlessly with the IT landscape, different applications were built to support the workflows in the distribution center, the supermarkets and the HQ.

Gaining power with a handheld device
ToDo is a highly intuitive app, which allows employees to do the work easily without a pen and paper, from packaging administration to reporting onsite incidents. ToDo, has an easy-to-use interface and a step-by-step guide which allows completing administrative tasks in considerably less time. There is a desktop option which allows management to check out work with the same ease.

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ToDo app is available for the distribution centers as well. It helps with counting packaging, improving the stacking process, reducing littering and more.

This provides the HQ with further insights concerning the overall balance.

The store application expanded into incident reporting on the shop floor. Employees can easily make a record of the incident which is connected with their security partner, allowing faster and better communication and administration.

DRG case desktop

Obstacles DRG

  • Employees work with paper forms and have to re-enter information multiple times, which creates a lot of room for errors.
  • Lack of packaging returns data from stores resulting in a lot of packaging missing.
  • No enforcement of store processes creating more work of cleaning up the mess.
  • No check-in data accuracy.

Solution Product League

  • A digitized workflow with scan functionality to speed up the return
  • process.
  • Easy-to-follow steps and feedback in the app to help with onboarding and prevent user errors.
  • An accompanying distribution center app to validate return data accuracy.
  • Flexible workflow to support both larger and smaller stores.

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