09 April 2024

Plus - Strategic Partnership with Digital Transformation Mission

PL PLUS collab
Product League

Utrecht, April 2024 

PLUS Supermarkets, the recipient of the Best National Grocer award in the Netherlands for three consecutive years, has once again raised the bar in retail excellence with the launch of its innovative eCommerce platform. This groundbreaking initiative is the result of a strategic partnership with digital transformation experts, Product League.

The Bold Fusion: OutSystems, commercetools, and Contentful

Growing ambitions of the supermarket chain had to be supported by a more robust and flexible platform in the long run. This is when PLUS appointed Product League do develop a new platform that would enhance stability, scalability, and time to market. The collaboration led to the pioneering integration of OutSystems, commercetools, and Contentful, marking it the first-ever combination of these leading technologies.

The new platform leverages OutSystems’ modular building blocks to swiftly construct intuitive front-end interfaces for both the webshop and mobile application. Commercetools’ back-end capabilities facilitate unparalleled shopping experiences, while Contentful seamlessly manages all digital content.

Exceptional Results

Officially launched in February 2024, the platform has already demonstrated impressive year-on-year growth in market share and online revenue. PLUS anticipates a rapid return on investment, as the transition from a monolithic to a composable architecture significantly reduces the total cost of ownership. The agility of the new system allows for frequent updates without the constraints of irregular release cycles, thereby fostering continuous innovation and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The constructive interaction of OutSystems, commercetools, and Contentful ensures an exceptional uptime of 99.99%, eliminating previous concerns about stability. The platform’s performance is guaranteed through automated, data-driven scaling services. Notably, the addition of advanced features such as voice and barcode search capabilities were accomplished within a mere two-week sprint—a task that previously required months of development.

“PLUS Retail is now equipped to swiftly adapt to the evolving demands of modern consumers, enabling entrepreneurs to forge stronger community ties without the burden of financial risk.”

Sales Director at commercetools

“As our strategic digital partner, Product League has been instrumental in accelerating our digital transformation. Their expertise in both back-end and front-end technology has been invaluable in navigating the complexities of digital evolution.”

Head of Product at Plus Retail

“Rebuilding an e-commerce platform, with two mobile apps and several supporting business applications was a huge challenge. But it is extremely rewarding to service 500+ stores and so many customers daily. We embrace the work ahead of us and are excited about the future!”

Product Manager

Interested in learning more about our innovative eCommerce engine built for Plus Retail? Check out our full case study:

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