14 April 2022

How Product League protects your business

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In this blog, we will explain what our ISO certifications in Information Security and Quality Management entail, why it is a big advantage that we are certified with ISO27001:2013 and ISO9001:2015, how this is an important benefit for your company, and how it can lower your business risks in terms of security and quality.

What is ISO?
ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that develops international business standards. In a nutshell this means that once a business is certified with an ISO accreditation, it lives up to the internationally acknowledged requirements.

Our ISO certifications
For the ISO certification in Information Security (ISO27001:2013), we set up an ISMS (Information Security Management System). This system enables us to manage the security of assets such as financial, employee and client information.

The requirements for the ISO certification in Quality Management (ISO9001:2015) is mainly focusing on the performance of people in our business and the relationship withour customers.

As every business is evolving, we have periodic risk assessments in place to identify any business changes that may expose additional risks that need to be addressed. This continuous improvement cycle makes us constantly adjusting to new situations.

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Benefits for your business

Lower business risk
Identifying information security and quality risks and taking targeted actions to mitigate these where possible, lowers the risk of the business getting into (costly) damage control situations.

Improved end-user results
Continuous improvement cycles in security, quality and customer satisfaction operations leads to better outcomes and therefore a better end-user experience.

Creates a trusted relationship
An extra level of security for (existing) customers leads to a trusted and improved collaboration.

Importance of ISO in e-commerce
The e-commerce market is evolving fast and standardization of e-commerce system design, development and management requires a lot from businesses. That is why you want to make sure that a development partner like Product League takes all the needed measures to protect confidential (consumer) data. And that is exactly what these ISO certifications of Product League represent: assurance for your company that our processes and operations are constantly improving and that data is being protected according to the latest international standards.

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