14 March 2024

Restless to Bring About the Future – Product League is OutSystems’ ODC Partner of the Year

Product League

To those unfamiliar with it, OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC) is a new cloud-native low-code platform for building and deploying applications.

In other words, ODC enables the development and deployment of apps using modern technologies such as containerization, microservices, Kubernetes, and serverless computing. These empower organizations to build software solutions with the scalability, availability, and efficiency demanded by the unpredictable and constantly changing world we live in.

More plainly, OutSystems ODC helps IT teams build and scale cloud-native applications much faster and at a fraction of the cost it would take to build a cloud infrastructure. That's what Product League did for MultiTankcard.

Miguel MTC presentation

Multi Tank Card is an innovative customer that aims to change the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging landscape as we know it. The platform puts EV drivers and location owners at the center of a charging session agreement. Sustainability management is one of the key qualities of this app which is supported by a combination of dynamic pricing and loyalty elements. As a result, the app demands flawless data and financial flow. Retailers with charger points at their locations can create charging options for their visitors and customers. Drivers can be rewarded for their eco-friendly options and even get tailored offers based on their consumption and fidelity.

Daniel Kuhlman 1440x1440

“The platform's automatic scaling made it easy for us to focus on developing and delivering a top-notch product, without worrying about infrastructure management, which is fully automated and managed. The platform's scalability features and unified portal also made it easy to develop a high-quality, high-performance application.”

Technology Manager and OutSystems MVP

With over 30 contributions to the OutSystems Forge, we have actively participated in creating a community of innovation and shared growth even before the ODC launch! We recognize the value of teamwork and the importance of leaving space for personal development, with over 35 ODC Developer certifications of our team members being a reflection of this philosophy. Each certification not only shows the expertise and understanding of the ODC platform but also ensures that we offer nothing but the best and most innovative solutions for our clients.

The OutSystems’ Outstanding ODC partner of the Year award recognized the array of versatile expertise within Product League. At the same time, it honored the commitment, diligence and critical eye of our team members that extends beyond our immediate projects.

Ozan Cali 1440x1440

“We challenged OutSystems with some real and theoretical scenarios where this new platform wouldn't work the way it's supposed to. In the end, they were able to address all of our concerns. Seeing some of my (sensible) suggestions being implemented with new releases made me both proud and happy”

Senior OutSystems Developer

We view this award not just as an acknowledgment but also as a marker of our progress in exploring the possibilities of working with the OutSystems Developer Cloud. It reinforces our commitment to the digital transformation of our clients, and to delivering tailor-made, future-proof solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients. Inspired by this achievement, we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation in OutSystems!

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