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As Product League, we are an OutSystems partner with a track record of providing excellent service to multiple customers in various fields of business. As a partner with the highest number of OutSystems MVP’s and OutSystems Champions, we are involved in many initiatives and private early access programs of OutSystems. This allows us to be early adapters of new features and releases, and also help and shape the future of OutSystems.

With the help of low-code, we build mobile- and web applications for our clients, with a speed incomparable to regular ‘coding’.

But all in all, what is OutSystems? Why do we use it? Or even, what is low-code?

There are many questions, and we hope to answer them all.

OutSystems is the most complete full-stack application development platform

Quickly create mobile and web applications, chatbots, and reactive web apps for any device. Build your data models, workflows, logic and pixel-perfect user interfaces and interactions, and even add your custom code.

OutSystems Specialists

The market for low-code application development is growing exponentially. OutSystems is used worldwide to develop innovative business applications for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
We provide a wide range of OutSystems Development expertise to build the application you need. Our low-code developers are skilled in web and mobile applications, Architecture, Support engineering, Versioning control, Security, and even project management skills like Scrum Masters or UX/UI Design.

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Advantages of OutSystems

Advantages for developers

On this side, next to not needing in-depth knowledge over every line of code. You can more easily control certain heavy points. OutSystems provides a whole ecosystem in which you can start to build. This starts with setting up a DTAP-street (development, testing, acceptance, and production environment), in which you have all checks against bugs before going live.

It helps with version control, maintenance and debugging, user control, and more. Even the easy to plugin extensions and the need to build customized parts, by still truly coding parts yourself, gives all the flexibility needed.

To sum up some of the perks are:
Responsiveness, Cross-platform, Native, React, Web-based, Cloud and On-premises, Integrations, Security & roles control, database architecture, Privacy implementation, reuse of components, versioning, performance, and UI-implementation.

By creating a flexible layer that can easily be maintained and walked through with a developer, the technical dependency, leaning too much on the knowledge of one developer, becomes less. This brings us to the business perks.

Advantages for business

For businesses, the advantages are speed, use, and understandability. Control over multiple sectors like, security, users and their roles, and reusable parts; gives a continuance across systems that will improve acceptance and use.

As stated before, the understandability of the app by passing on knowledge and visualized flows is easier than painstakingly going over lines of code. The risk of leaning too much on one developer is lower, someone else can easily pick it up.

It is highly compatible with the agile environment in which the IT sector often operates, even if your or someone else’s business doesn’t use agile methodologies.

Forrester & Gartner

Gartner and Forrester both named OutSystems a leader in Mobile Application Platform and High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) Magic Quadrant for being the fastest and most comprehensive way to create, deploy, change, and manage custom mobile and web applications.

What does that mean? It says that OutSystems is a mature low-code system. There are many more on the market, but OutSystems has a strong background, continuously improved upon, and is already embedded in many industries in a wide variety, due to its maturity and stability. It is one of the leaders in the world of low-code.

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OutSystems provides change

OutSystems brings many advantages to building a system, but ultimately you want to know, when does this come in handy? The answer is change. The pivotal moment when the business wishes to change their current way of working will demand control and flexibility – this is the moment to start with OutSystems, where you can henceforth grow and increase use and development, using continuous increments to improve on what you learn along the way.

From business-to-consumer mobile banking or customer loyalty apps to business-to-business and business-to-employee field services or sales apps, OutSystems accelerates the delivery of great experiences.

OutSystems is used worldwide

OutSystems is used in many types of industries worldwide. It is intended for many purposes when change is needed. It is not for gaming but for business applications in a cross-media landscape to be created with a beautiful design. To learn more if this fits your industry, we recommend reading about companies who paved the road ahead of you. You can find them and more information on the OutSystems website.

Outsystems is a low-code programming system. It helps developers by creating the code for them. It does this by visualizing the processes. This way, the process speeds up from the old way of developing by a factor N. Due to its many advantages it is used by many different types of businesses across a multitude of industries. OutSystems has the flexibility and maturity to handle a wide variety. When you want to change the IT landscape, modernize and improve on it, the best start is with OutSystems.
That all, is the reason Product League chooses to use OutSystems. With our high Expert OutSystems ratio, we improve on it with the help of our big data innovation team on the backend, while bringing the best experience for users on the front thanks to our User Experience designers.

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