Summertime was no quiet period for Product League! As many developers take some extra time off during this period to study for their certification exams, so does Product League to support them!

After spending many years as an official bootcamp trainer at OutSystems Portugal, our academy director Miguel Melo is still deeply passionate (and patient) about training developers to ramp up their OutSystems knowledge. This summer Miguel trained many OutSystems developers to help them prepare for their next OutSystems certification and new challenges ahead of them.

Advanced developer bootcamp, 20th of August                 

This official bootcamp program by OutSystems is designed to prepare developers for the “Advanced Web Developer” exam certification.

Having contributed to the OutSystems curriculum for many years, Miguel knows like no other how to work your way through the training materials and study for the exam questions.

During this bootcamp, students learn how to:

  • Boost their architectural skills.
  • Understand development patterns and best practices.
  • Learn how to handle performance and scalability.
  • Examine the most common integration scenarios.

After completion of this bootcamp, students will have learned how to use OutSystems to its full advantage, building high-quality and performing and scalable enterprise web apps. The training was given at the office of Transfer Solutions, global eduction partner for OutSystems.

Advanced masterclass for Dutch logistics company, 3rd – 5th of September 

This internal masterclass took place on the request of a Dutch logistics company specialized in distribution solutions. Their internal IT departments works with an OutSystems team of 7 people, the training took place at their headquarters.

Tailored to their specific needs, Miguel took a deep-dive with the team during a three day masterclass about the OutSystems platform, together with Noesis (OutSystems partner in Portugal).

We wish the OutSystems team all the best with their ambitions in their digital transformation program.

 Support engineer bootcamp, 10th of September

This official curriculum designed by OutSystems teaches developers how to install and configure any OutSystems environment according to scalability and redundancy requirements. You’ll also learn how to manage application staging in a multi-environment OutSystems factory and how to troubleshoot it for a wide spectrum of problems:


  • Learn about OutSystems architecture.
  • Master advanced troubleshooting and monitoring techniques.
  • Create robust OutSystems infrastructures.
  • Tune your installation for performance and scalability.


Within the Netherlands, Miguel is the only certified trainer for the OutSystems support engineer bootcamp. The training was given at the office of Transfer Solutions, global eduction partner for OutSystems.