We are thrilled to introduce Art Stevens and Raquel Santos who will be joining us starting the first of May. Raquel will strengthen our product teams to understand the detailed wishes of our clients while Art will be responsible for the development and implementation of new innovative products in order to ensure the success of the digital transformation of our clients.

Art Stevens

As a Product Owner, Art will continuously switch between Business and IT to align their needs and vision. He will be working with Business Owners and end-users to create the best solution for them together with a product team. Art’s entrepreneurial background truly matches our vision on the Product Owner role: hands-on, diverse and strategic at the same time. He graduated from TU Delft (and the University of Amsterdam) in Human Technology and Business Information Systems. Art is excited to combine his business experience as a strategy consultant with his IT background to enrich the product development cycle.

Raquel Santos

Besides her experience as a business analyst, Raquel also has a background as an OutSystems developer. This unique combination of experience makes Raquel truly efficient when working together with our OutSystems developers. Before joining Product League, Raquel worked at Promedico in Utrecht for OutSystems development teams. Raquel graduated from Instituto de Odivelas and from Lisbon School of Economics and Management where she graduated with a focus on Mathematics applied to Economics and Management. In her free time Raquel loves to travel, indulge into new experiences and work on improving her Dutch language skills.

Please join us by giving Art and Raquel a warm welcome!