OutSystems experts, engineers and product leaders from all over the OutSystems community are looking forward to the first ever OutSystems Worldwide Developers Conference!

This two day conference that will take place in Lisbon on the 6th and 7th of November, is the first conference organized by OutSystems that is fully tailored to the interest of developers. We are happy to share that Product League will also contribute to the knowledge sharing during the event with a session that will be hosted by Miguel Melo.

Miguel will be speaking about the topic “OutSystems as a second language“. Many developers within the OutSystems community already have the experience of coding in another language before they start to work with the OutSystems platform. Also, with the increasing popularity of low-code platforms, a lot of developers are curious to get to know OutSystems as a “second language”. With years of experience as an OutSystems curriculum trainer,  Miguel will use this experience and knowledge to onboard people with knowledge of other well known development languages to OutSystems. Where do the paradigmes match or diverge?

If you’re interested in understanding how different the common development languages are compared to OutSystems, then this session is a must-attend for you!

We are looking forward to join the worldwide OutSystems community in Lisbon to make this an unforgettable OutSystems event!

You can check out the full program here.

See you @ ODC!