Well, that is what I did three years ago… and I do not regret it. To start, I studied Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management, and, as it sounds, it is maths with a nice flavour of Business. During my last year in University, I was looking for ways to apply what I learnt about business. It was then I met João Campos (CEO of Truewind) who introduced me to the world of IT and OutSystems. In 2014 Truewind offered general software training, with an afterward specialization in OutSystems, BI, Java and PL/SQL. I decided to join this program with the OutSystems specialization. After a month of intensive Software development training, I initiated my OutSystems Developer career which is already six years ago. 

My transition from developer to analyst

In 2016, looking for an international experience I moved to the Netherlands to work as OutSystems Developer for Promedico APRO. There I had the opportunity to develop and grow my business proficiency and I made the transition to the business analysis field. This opportunity came by coincidence when the business analist of our team made the switch to the product owner role and the role of analyst became available. Someone was needed with know-how of the product and I proposed myself for the role as it seemed an interesting challenge! 

In 2019 I joined Product League, as an Agile Business Analyst where I am in touch with different business cases  in numerous projects. My work in this role differs per project and its size, the involved team members and way of working between them. So far I have worked on projects for Dutch supermarkets. 

My main role however is to understand what the business users need; define solutions to user problems in collaboration with the team by making use of the OutSystems capabilities; write the requirements and acceptance criteria in User stories; refine them with the Dev Team and support the Dev Team with questions related to business. 

If you are an OutSystems developer and you are curious about the business, just give the Business Analysis field a try! Although our work revolves around analyzing business and software, we shouldn’t forget that we are always interacting with people. From the moment we gather business and user needs until the moment we communicate them to the Dev Team and then make the software available to end users. Being an active listener, having empathy and not being personally attached to the solutions produced are some of my learnings on this journey so far. 

About me

My name is Raquel Santos and I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. Moved to the Netherlands in 2016 where I live since then. Understanding human behaviour, motivation, and ways to keep people and nature in balance are my main private projects.