Marel, the leading global provider of advanced food processing systems and services, recently organized a Proof of Concept with the goal to decide on which low code platform to use to accelerate their business automation.

The scope of the Proof of Concept was to compare two low code platforms and make an insightful decision to work with either Mendix or OutSystems. Within a short timespan, Marel wanted to investigate which technology would fit their business case.

A joint team with members of myBrand and Product League, under the lead of our platform specialist Miguel, attended this Proof of Concept. Through great collaboration, the team made a successful case proving to Marel that there was great fit between their business case and the OutSystems capabilities.

At the end of the Proof of Concept, Marel decided to select OutSystems as the low code technology for rapid application development. We are pleased to have contributed to their decision by sharing our experience with the platform.