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With Product League as your eCommerce implementation partner, you are assured of an approach to eCommerce that fits your company’s needs. Recognizing the pain of the scaling online retail market, with feature development slowing down, and platform stability and performance struggling to keep up with demand, Product League offers flexibility as a solution. We are the first to offer OutSystems eCommerce, combining the power of OutSystems with commercetools for a future–proof eCommerce set-up.

"In just a few months’ time, the COVID-19 crisis has brought about years of change in the way companies in all sectors and regions do business. Consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels.​"

​​– McKinsey research

Future-proof your commerce platform

Chances are that when you’re reading this, you’re pretty sick of your current eCommerce set-up and are looking to prepare it for the future. You’ve noticed that in the past years, feature development has slowed down, and platform stability and performance were struggling to keep up with demand. You’re looking for a new way to set things up, where you’re no longer lagging behind, but leading the charge. Daily releases, build or buy decisions, fast time to market and a guaranteed uptime.

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"Next level commerce has real impact"

– Dirk Kerpel

Why now?

The digital transformation towards microservices is happening now, Product League can help you keep up and win the future.

commercetools remains a Leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

For the third year in a row, Gartner Magic Quadrant placed commercetools as a Leader in Digital Commerce.

Released annually, the report evaluates select digital commerce platforms that are providing organizations with the transformational technologies they need to deliver great buying experiences for their customers.

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Outsystems is a low-code programming system. It helps developers by creating the code for them. It does this by visualizing the processes. This way, the process speeds up from the old way of developing by a factor N. Due to its many advantages it is used by many different types of businesses across a multitude of industries. OutSystems has the flexibility and maturity to handle a wide variety. When you want to change the IT landscape, modernize and improve on it, the best start is with OutSystems.
That all, is the reason Product League chooses to use OutSystems. With our high Expert OutSystems ratio, we improve on it with the help of our big data innovation team on the backend, while bringing the best experience for users on the front thanks to our User Experience designers.

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