We’re proud to announce that David Sousa and William Vermeulen, two valued members of our team, have recently been elected to be part of the first group of OutSystems Champions: people who have made valuable contributions to the community. OutSystems introduced the program to reward its professionals’ commitment.

Not entirely surprising

Of course, David and William’s election didn’t come entirely as a surprise to us. Over and over, these two technical heroes have proven their value, both to us and to the broader OutSystems community. They are a pleasure to work with!

David: “I feel very honoured to be named an OutSystems Champion! Though I also believe we simply cannot do without exchanging ideas. I think it’s the only way to grow.”

William: “I agree with what David is saying – helping the community has become second nature, if only because I know they’ll be ready to answer my questions as well should I have them.”