OutSystems recently released the new version of the platform: OutSystems 11. Taking the leading low-code platform for web and mobile apps to a whole new level, OutSystems 11 tackles the challenges of replacing massive systems and application portfolios.

While the ecosystem is still buzzing over the new features and capabilities of the platform, Product League is preparing to help developers to master the new version of the platform.

On the request of the training team of OutSystems, Product League will be collaborating with OutSystems for the creation of new training and curriculum material for OS 11. In the coming months, the curriculum for the new bootcamps will be set up

Due to this collaboration, Product League has been recognized as the Curriculum Partner for OutSystems 11.

Students attending the Web Development Bootcamps in 2019 will be sure that knowledge regarding the new platform release is included in their training.

We are more than happy and proud to contribute to the curriculum and look forward to our collaboration with the OutSystems training team in the US and Portugal.