Company update

Just like all other companies, the past few weeks have been very busy for us talking to our clients, partners and team to see how everyone is doing. Our first goal was to ensure alignment between our sponsors and project teams to make sure all the regular work could continue as planned. Our team has done an amazing job to ensure a way-of-working for their projects to keep each other aligned and up to date. In this blogpost we will share how we as a company are continuing our work and responsibilities during the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

What are we doing to prevent contamination?

Since the beginning of March, our team in the Netherlands has already been working from home. We decided to implement early interventions to avoid risks on contamination within our team, with success. So far all our project teams are continuing their work with full capacity. Just a week later, our Lisbon based team also switched to working from home when the corona outbreak reached Portugal. When the official instructions from the RIVM were announced, our teams were up and running from their homes. All of our own internal meetings are also scheduled online or via phone. Our weekly team meeting on Friday with the complete team is being resumed via Google Hangouts. 

Company retreat cancelled 

In the last weekend of March our company retreat was planned to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our company. We would visit Sitges, Spain for a long weekend with our entire team from the Netherlands and Portugal for some well deserved quality time. Unfortunately we had to make the decision to cancel this trip out of responsibility for everyone’s wellbeing. We are postponing our retreat for now but of course this doesn’t mean that we will let our two-year anniversary just pass by. To be continued..! 

Our clients 

Currently our key accounts are all retail companies in the Netherlands. Due to the corona outbreak they had to invest all of their efforts on the operational execution power of their stores to make sure that the stock and delivery process was running in the best possible way. Another major challenge is the huge increase of customers making use of their e-commerce platforms. Despite all the hectic, we have had the time and opportunity to talk to our retail clients to ensure the continuity of our ongoing work. For the coming months, our retail projects are on track and we will continue to support our clients in the challenges to come.    

A big thank you!

The recent weeks have asked from us all to adapt to unforeseen challenges like combining home-schooling with remote working. Facing uncertainty about the wellbeing of family, friends and relatives can be a pressing worry. Not only our physical wellbeing but also our mental wellbeing is challenged to stay fit and healthy.    

Once more we want to thank our self-steering teams who keep delivering amazing work for our clients. We want to thank our project sponsors for their trust and faith in us to keep their product development going. We are very proud of the great teamwork of the past couple of weeks, thank you all!