The past year has been extraordinary in many ways. Though COVID forced us all out of the office, we found that being separated from one another didn’t slow us down – not even a little bit! We completed no less than 21 projects for large retail chains like Intratuin, COOP, Plus and Dekamarkt. What’s more, our team grew to 47 colleagues. Who, working hard as ever to expand their skills, got a whopping 65 OutSystems certifications!

At the same time, we understand that all these milestones would never have been achieved without our team’s grit and perseverance. So when, after more than twelve months working from home, our third birthday was rapidly approaching, we decided to celebrate!

Together apart

We really would have loved to throw one grand party. However, due to the fact that one part of the team is based in Lisbon, and another in Utrecht, this obviously wasn’t going to happen. This is why we decided to celebrate ‘together apart’: the Dutch team spent the night at the famous Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus The Hague, while the Portuguese colleagues stayed at the scenic Hotel Casa Palmela in Arrabida, Portugal. Take a look at the after movie below to get a taste of what it was like!

Looking ahead

Celebrating your birthday also means looking ahead. And we’re very happy to tell you that Product League’s future looks very bright indeed!