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Making sure employees were connected and informed was a challenge for PLUS Supermarkets. Its 20,000 employees are spread all over the country, working at the HQ, at one of the nearly 300 stores, or at a distribution center. We made sure PLUS can now align all employees across different departments and locations.

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Smooth communication
PLUS was looking for a solution that would enable smooth communication and centralize information. Of course, it had to be GDPR compliant, ensuring secure data exchange. In other words: right up our alley! We started by analyzing the store employees’ needs and built them a smartphone app. Its main functionalities are: private and group chat, a social timeline, shift takeover, and holiday requests. And to make it simple for store managers to handle back-office tasks, we developed a web solution.

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Designed to scale
Prior to launching the solution, we implemented it in a few pilot stores to gather their valuable feedback and made sure it fit their needs perfectly. The solution was scalable from the beginning, but we didn't roll it out to the other stores, HQ, and distribution centers until we were sure it met the needs of the employees.

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