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Intratuin - A modern, modular purchasing system

Retail & Wholesale

With over 60 stores, Intratuin is the largest supplier of gardening products in the Benelux. The purchasing system that each store used to restock their inventory was rapidly approaching end of life. Together with Intratuin, we designed and developed a modern purchasing system.

Critical order system for all store purchases
60 stores in the Benelux
300+ store users
MVP high-paced

All the desired functionalities
We decided to first analyze what Intratuin was leaving behind in order to gain a better understanding of where they wanted to go. The old purchasing system couldn’t be used on mobile devices, and store managers needed to approve each order before it could be transported. During five two-week sprints, we created a minimum viable product with all the desired functionalities.

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Ordering on the go
The resulting custom application can be used for ordering on the go, instead of using the one desktop computer in store. This saves store teams a lot of time. We made sure to build and thoroughly check interfaces with all interacting systems, like stock and back-office solutions. And finally, we took extra care to make the system as user-friendly as possible.

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