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Intratuin - Access management modernized

Retail & Wholesale

When Intratuin, the largest supplier of gardening products in the Benelux, decided it wanted to modernize and scale its application landscape, Identity and Access Management (IAM) was one of its first focus areas. 

Automated procedure for granting access
Compliant Security & GDPR
60+ stores
Insights into costs of app licenses

Agile development
This used to take much longer: the more than 5,000 yearly requests were submitted in a variety of ways and formats, which made the process slow and error-prone. Much needed to be done by hand, and the numerous applications in use resulted in unnecessary license costs. Working agile and in close collaboration with Intratuin, we developed an MVP in two weeks. And it took us only three months to create the initial version of the IAM app.

Intratuin IAM1 1440

Quickly granting access
The new application makes it quick and easy to grant access. Applications offering an API can even do this automatically. And while access to older apps require manual access, it all happens in one place. Both store managers and HQ can use the app to quickly grant or deny access as needed. Thanks to modernized access management, they can focus on their day-to-day operations.

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