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Innova Energie - The perfect customer portal

Energy & Utilities

Making sure they stand out in a crowded field is crucial for energy providers. And one way to do this is to create a customer-friendly portal. As a result, we created Innova a brand-new, constantly updated, intuitive customer portal.

3 man team in 3 months
10.000+ users
Total energy consumption management
Insight in energy costs

Integrated and informed
We made sure the new portal was integrated with back-end systems. The former wasn’t, so information needed to be synchronized by hand. By automating this process, customers can keep track of their usage whenever and wherever they want. Which is basically a requirement in today’s market. Within three months and in close cooperation with Innova, we developed a first version of the portal.

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No more manual tasks
Innova is better able to serve its customers because manual tasks belong to the past. This allows the team to maintain its small size while serving twice as many customers. More than 10,000 clients are guaranteed a flawless customer portal.

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