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Holland Casino - New registration system

Energy & Utilities

Holland Casino already worked with a visitor registration system for years, but it needed an overall redesign and modernization to effectively handle high traffic. Product League built a new system to shorten the queues and make it easier for customers to enter the casino during busy times.

Quickly delivered minimum viable product (MVP)
Integrated functionalities
Reduced administrative tasks
App fast-lane

Smooth registration process
 A security alert is sent to the registration system when a guest enters Holland Casino. After entering the guest's information into the registration system, the cashier scans an ID. The visitor can, of course, always apply for a loyalty card. Depending on their choice, the guest either receives a regular day ticket from the ticket printer or a loyalty card, printed by the card printer. This entire registration process works seamlessly. 

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Fast-lane app
To reduce wait times a fast-lane app was released. The app reads cards by swiping or scanning the QR-code in order to identify the guest and check if the guest is allowed entry. In order to facilitate adoption by loyalty card holders during peak hours, this new mobile application was initially built as a shell around the outdated visitor registration system. However, this app can seamlessly transition to the new application.

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Better experience
The new registration system enables the staff at Holland Casino to welcome each visitor with a smile and facilitate a smoother onboarding process. Additionally, it offers benefits such as more efficient training of new staff and an unmatched ability to adapt as new business requirements emerge. The cashier's job is now made much easier by an intuitive workflow.

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