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COOP - Efficiency in a complex environment

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Like with any supermarket, Coop’s distribution centers are key: they supply fresh food and groceries to over 300 stores. Improving efficiency in such a complex environment can be quite a challenge. So, we naturally jumped at the opportunity to help.

Extensive UX research
2 distribution centers
More efficient work process
TC57 Zebra mobile app

Modernizing paper processes
During our analysis, we came across countless paper processes. Transforming those into digital workflows would definitely be a quick efficiency win. The most important one was expedition control, the last inspection of the cargo before loading it onto the truck. We teamed up with Coop’s domain experts to design a better workflow and create a digital concept. Together with two SAP developers, we turned it into a useful, multilingual mobile application for specialized handheld devices.

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Saving several hours every day
Distribution center employees were heavily involved in testing – after all, they will be the ones using the application. Though still a pilot, the current version is already saving employees multiple hours every day. Once this paper-heavy process was replaced by our intuitive digital-first process, return trips from the truck to the office and back became a thing from the past.

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