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Senior OutSystems Developer

  • Netherlands & Portugal
  • Development

A developer at Product League is not just a coder or a one-trick pony. With our cross-domain knowledge sessions, you contribute to all parts of the SCRUM team and become a sparring partner to the customer. You can aspire to become one of our many MVPs and Expert developers who share their knowledge, help develop colleagues and lead the way building code that can be shelved for future use.

Are you interested in leading cutting-edge work like Project NEO, and always working with the latest version of OutSystems? At Product League you’ll be part of a flexible, creative group of developers who have your back and know when to lighten the mood and have a good time. On top of that, at Product League you will be able to develop yourself to the fullest. We have different guilds where you can deepen your skills and mentor other developers. So come join us and experience what it’s like to lead the A Team.

OutSystems is as easy as riding a bicycle for you
You have a strong portfolio in developing enterprise-grade applications using OutSystems, touching all layers from data modelling and integrations to business logic and UI. Furthermore, you have designed future-proof architectures that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. You are in possession of at least a Professional OutSystems Certification.

You can write clean code
Your quality standard is high and you have an intrinsic interest in related technologies such as DBMSs, Application Servers, JS Frameworks and anything else that may be integrated with OutSystems. You write code with your colleagues and organizational standards in mind.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and diplomatic manner
You thrive in ambiguous business situations, you see the ´big picture´ and you can propose application solutions to solve long-term issues or resolve productivity bottlenecks. Furthermore, you are not afraid to consult others, give professional advice or provide feedback.

Please note: For this role you need to live in either Portugal or the Netherlands.

Robin Kouwen 1440x1440

"Having developed apps for different customers, I feel confident working with different stakeholders in a variety of business settings. At Product League, there is always room for your new ideas."

OutSystems Factory Manager

Janna De Wit 1440x1440

"The atmosphere at Product League is informal, friendly and cooperative. Whenever I am in doubt or require feedback, I can always consult my colleagues. And with a big community of experts, everybody is really happy to help me grow."

OutSystems Developer

Meet some of your future colleagues

Robin Kouwen 1440x1440


OutSystems Factory Manager

Rob Mooijman 1440x1440


OutSystems Tech Lead

Susana Marques 1440x1440


OutSystems Developer


A day as a Senior OutSystems Developer


Whether you are working from home or the office, you’ll likely start your day with a warm beverage, getting up to speed on today’s agenda. We usually start the day with our own flavor of a daily stand-up, where we skip the minutia and focus on actionable points (because no one actually likes long meetings!).


Then, with this playbook and a clear mind, you hit the hard-to-crack problems on your list. You follow up on yesterday’s afternoon chat with a junior dev in the Product League lounge. They were looking for guidance on a tough problem and you were able to help them come up with a fix before the first meetings of the day.


After that, you continue tackling solutions for user stories. One of them seems generic enough to look in the common code repository you and your colleagues have built together. Bingo! The collaboration paid off and saved you some time. Now you can take a deeper dive into some research to tackle a more unique challenge on another project, or mentor other devs who are struggling with theirs.


Time for lunch! At Product League we take care of this so you can have time to relax and chat with your colleagues, then get on doing what you do best. 


On to the team meeting, you share your insight and work with the Product Owner, UXers and testers, living the mantra “the user stories belong to all of us”. If someone in your own guild is stuck on a challenging issue, you make time to help them whether that is with a rubber duck session or a game of pool.


It’s just midafternoon, your schedule is clear, and the sun is shining. So you head off early and take advantage of the flexibility that Product League gives you. And tomorrow? It will be completely different.

Why work at Product League

Icon Why work at Product League

The Reward

A salary that supports a good life in Utrecht and Lisbon (some of the most vibrant cities in Europe!), and for seasoned members, stock options and a mobility budget.

Icon Why work at Product League

Flexible Work Location

Want to work from home, in one of our offices, or on a mountaintop in Tibet? We are willing to explore all the options!

Icon Why work at Product League

Your own level-up budget

Want to boost your skills with some training? Or go to the latest business analytics Conference? We support you with far more than just good intentions!

Icon Why work at Product League

Time to unplug

We know you’ll miss us on your 26 days off a year, but we want you to have ample time to recharge.

Icon Why work at Product League

Professional growth

Want to be our next business guru? Or rather grow into a leader in another team at Product League? With support & mentorship from your colleagues it’s all possible.

Icon Why work at Product League

Plain, unadulterated fun

Our best perks are too good to put on an online vacancy. Get in touch so we can tell you why we’re the best-kept secret!

Does this sound like the job for you? Be bold and tell us why!

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