18 August 2022

Building the future of eCommerce

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“And then the pandemic hit… “
For most eCommerce businesses in 2020 the pandemic was the largest plot twist that became reality all too quickly. Daily users spiked, infrastructure failed and innovation ground to a standstill as everyone moved into firefighting mode. The complexity and fragility of most of the eCommerce platforms was made painfully clear by the stress that was suddenly put on the systems. At the same time, for most businesses, this was the only outlet that was making them any revenue. Whereas most shops and channels were closed, eCommerce proved to be the digital lifeline to their struggling cash flow.

Why can’t we do it differently?
What if there was an alternative out there to large, monolithic eCommerce engines? You know the ones: every digital initiative always goes through them, they are painfully hard to maintain and the longer you have them, the more complex they seem to get. Not to speak about the (bi-)yearly updates, which stop all innovation in their tracks for months at a time. Well, there is!

Come dive into the world of composable commerce with us. In this 20-minute webinar, our own Rui Coutinho, head of architecture at Product League, and Marlowe Antonius, solution engineer at commercetools, show us the future of eCommerce. Case in point is one of the largest food retailers in the Netherlands, which decided to move from a monolithic system (Intershop) into a flexible MACH set-up, with OutSystems and commercetools at its core.

We will take you through the problems and the solutions, the systems and the architecture, and at the end, you will have taken your first steps on the road from monolithic pain to headless freedom.

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About Product League
With Product League as your OutSystems eCommerce implementation partner, you are assured of an approach to eCommerce that fits your company’s needs. Recognizing the pain of the scaling online retail market, with feature development slowing down, and platform stability and performance struggling to keep up with demand, Product League offers flexibility as a solution with our multi-disciplinary teams:

Through partnership and expertise, together with your business, we believe anything is possible: from made-to-measure solutions to full SaaS implementations. We will provide you with a tailored analysis of your platform’s capabilities and the road toward the new environment you have been dreaming of.

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