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Unlike many technology partners, our main focus is enablement, not just delivery! We want to ensure that our clients are at all times intrinsic to the creation of their applications. As you know the business and share this insight with us during analysis, we want you to know the process and technology that brings your requirements to live during development.

Bringing our heads together for joint success, we mentor about the development process and teach real-life usage of the OutSystems platform as part of our A-to-Z offer. Regardless of the current level of OutSystems knowledge of your team, we can help ramp them up to the necessary level for their function.

Academy Director

Miguel is one of the most veteran OutSystems trainers in the world, who delivered dozens of OutSystems bootcamps in over 10 countries already. He was a senior member of the OutSystems platform and part of the official curriculum team for many years.

Foundations mentoring

The foundations training is suitable to educate developers who have no to little OutSystems experience. Our in-class mentoring complements the online training materials provided by OutSystems. We provide value through relevant and actionable knowledge tailored to the needs of developers coming from different backgrounds.

Professional and Expert Exam Preparation Deepdive

Review of all subjects that normally come up in the Professional and Expert certification Exams. Gotchas found in some questions. “Ask me anything” session. This masterclass is a complement, not a substitute, of the students studying the training materials for these exams.

Advanced masterclasses

Architecture & infrastructure

From single-module to multiple applications. The reference architecture (4 layer canvas) and how to break down your components. Rules and violations and how to properly decouple modules. Microservices and Master Data Management. Discovery and refactoring.

Business Process Technology

The Business-driven application paradigm. The BPT language and how to use it. Patterns and callbacks. Performance considerations and Light BPT.

Security & Performance

Built-in security features (code injection protection, zones, internal network etc) and Performance pitfalls and how to address them.


SOAP and REST web services (consuming and exposing). Using REST correctly (HTTP methods and responses). REST security, including OAuth 2.SAP support. Integration Studio.

UX & UI for OutSystems projects

Differences between UX and UI. The Live Styleguide.Practical Usability Tips (including the CRAP rules). Practical considerations (prototypes, CSS gotchas, Theme Inheritance etc). Usability Testing.

Tailored to your request

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“ We are here every step of the way to help you fulfill the true potential of OutSystems and integrate the low-code movement into your engineering culture”